Senior Backend Developer, Python (Remote)

В архиве c 6 января 2024
4 000 - 5 000 $

In this role, you will...

  • Create API for mobile SDKs. This is a high-load module that processes more than 100M API requests every day and serves all requests from mobile apps, from profile creation to subscription activation.
  • Be responsible for an analytical system. It is built mostly on ClickHouse with some data housing in PostgreSQL.
  • Optimize the existing codebase. It will help us improve speed and stability.
  • Review and test the code - nothing new here.
  • Communicate with the support team to resolve identified system issues.

You will be a great fit if you have these hard skills…

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a backend engineer (Python).
  • Not less than 2 years of development in the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm.
  • At least 1 year of experience in a leadership position in development.
  • Django, FastAPI.
  • PostgreSQL, ClickHouse.
  • Experience of working with SQL and the ability to write complex queries.
  • Redis and other NoSQL experience.
  • Good knowledge and experience with queuing and message brokers like Kafka, RabbitMQ.
  • Ability to work with version control systems, understanding the differences between Git Flow and Trunk Based Development branching models.
  • Knowledge of container architecture and implementation (Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Experience of working with GitLab CI/CD for continuous integration and continuous deployment.

You will fit into our team if you have these soft skills…

  • You like working in a team but are not afraid to be responsible for and reasonably protective of your choices.
  • You try to understand the task from the customer’s perspective and can suggest tradeoffs when needed.

It’d be great if…

  • Development in the DDD paradigm.
  • Knowledge of and compliance with SOLID programming principles, etc.
  • Understanding of hexagonal architecture (ports, adapters, repositories).

What you may expect from working with us...

  • Direct communication with the founders and a flat structure.
  • No bureaucracy and simple and clear processes.
  • Remote work with a flexible schedule.
  • Opportunity for professional growth and trying new things out.
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