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  • Apron was started by a group of people who’d spent years building products for a number of global fintech companies. But there was one problem that no-one was solving. Business payments. The kind that buy tomatoes, tiles, and till rolls. The kind that keep suppliers happy and business booming. The kind that, before you know it, eat up your entire day.
  • One million small businesses in the UK will spend 5 hours this week paying and reconciling invoices. Collectively, that's over 500 years.

Who we’re looking for

  • We are looking for a marketer, a direct CEO report, who can help us communicate this change. To be successful in this role you need to have experience in growth marketing (this will be 60% of what you’ll do), brand (20%) and product marketing (20%).
  • You will be mostly concerned with the full customer journey.
  • Say we meet someone at an event first. They experience our stand, they take home merch. They receive our top-funnel comms, then we nurture them. With time, they end up on our product focused webinar or a 1-1 demo. Then they onboard and start using the product. Learn new features, interact with our support.
  • Your job is to build this whole journey in a consistent way. Which is why you need to be fluent in product marketing and brand.

What you'll be doing

  • Leading – You’ll start as an IC and with time you’ll build and manage a marketing organization comprised of internal and agency resources. As part of this you’ll be setting and sticking to budgets, defining your team’s objectives, and getting everyone to deliver their best.
  • Brand Development – It will be your responsibility to ensure that the company’s identity, personality, and messaging are communicated consistently across all touchpoints.
  • Product Marketing – You will be reporting to the CEO to enable tight coordination of the Product Definition, Product Messaging, and Product Marketing. You will work with the Product Managers to help them develop products and customer journeys that you’ll be excited to market.
  • Growth – You will work to grow awareness, interest, engagement, and purchase across all channels. Key initiatives include – but aren’t limited to – Events, Keynotes, Case Studies, Website, Blog, ABM, Email, SEO, SEM, Social.
  • Test & Scale – You will test different marketing investments – Paid, Owned, Earned, Shared Media – and then scale them. You will define the metrics that matter, ensure accurate and timely tracking/reporting, and share key insights across the organization.


  • You’re a scientist, a mind-reader, and an artist – You’re data-driven and run tests using hypotheses. You’re people-centric, building a deep empathy for our customers, partners, and employees. You work with creative people – writers, designers, art-directors, web developers – to create clear and compelling stories and assets. You take pride in your ability to shift between your left and right brain.
  • You combine an enterprise toolkit with a startup mindset – You’ve led Marketing teams in larger organizations and are excited to help bring our young brand to life. There’s a lot of work to do, so you’ll want to be someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment.
  • You’re a Thinker and a Doer – Strategic Direction, Messaging Constructs, Communication Plans are all things you’ll be developing. But you’ll love executing them just as much. Because you understand how to get these things done, you can build your org to support those functions.
  • Experience – You’ll have 5+ years experience in marketing leadership roles at B2B technology companies.


  • Competitive salary and a stock options
  • Fully expensed tech
  • Flexible holidays and WFH


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