Backend Engineer (Go, in Cyprus)

В архиве c 8 декабря 2023
от 2 100 $

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About the job:

We're seeking a Backend Engineer proficient in Go, who will focus on optimizing data storage and reporting processes, developing cost-saving tools for external APIs, and creating solutions for our globally utilized app


  • Optimize the high-volume data storage and reporting process
  • Modify the use of queues
  • Develop tools to save costs for external APIs
  • Develop solutions for the 40+ countries where the app is used
  • Participate in system design and architectural solution development together with the team
  • Write integration and unit tests, develop automation tools for everyday tasks


  • You have experience using microservice architecture to develop and design apps. You know how to set up the interaction of microservices
  • You have a good understanding of server-side and client-side development limitations
  • You know how to work with relational DBMSs, and understand the use cases of non-relational databases
  • You know how to select technical solutions within the team to achieve the desired outcome
  • You take an interest in new technologies, and like working in a team and developing your skills further (we will make sure that you undergo training on a regular basis)

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