Publishing Producer (Armenia, Cyprus, Remote)

Лимассол, Ереван Гибрид Удаленно
от 2 700 $

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About the role:

  • We are seeking a strong producer who will collaborate with top game studios within our portfolio. We expect you to drive the project and team forward, making familiarity with the mobile game market, advertising, in-app monetization, and an excellent grasp of the entire mobile free-to-play game development and operational process essential.


  • Contribute to the creation of roadmaps for external studios
  • Cultivate transparent and positive relationships with studios
  • Collaborate closely with marketing, analytics, and mediation teams to achieve optimal results
  • Develop games with the team, while planning and prioritizing new features
  • Analyze the market and propose new game/mechanic concepts to studios


  • 3 years of game development experience
  • Experience in operating free-to-play projects or participating in game development and launching games in soft launch
  • Basic technical knowledge
  • Strong comprehension of gaming metrics, live ops, and free-to-play monetization
  • Fluent English (minimum B2 level)
  • Experience working with casual and mid-core free-to-play projects
  • Preferred: Experience in game design.

What we offer:

  • Option to work remotely or in one of our offices in Armenia or Cyprus
  • Competitive salary based on interview outcomes
  • Opportunities for professional and career growth
  • Large international team engaged in development, publishing, and marketing, ready to ensure a successful product launch
  • Guidance from mentors and investors in the gaming industry and internet marketing, who have founded numerous thriving IT companie


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