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Digital Designer (Remote)

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About us

  • We are the Sulliwan Studio. Since 2008, we create unique digital products of varying complexity and branding for human-centered companies. Our work focuses on a wide variety of cultural, educational, tech, and media projects. We try to imbue each one with a sense of simplicity and elegance that we know our clients love and appreciate. At the moment, we are looking for a full- or part-time digital designer.


  • Projects in culture, art, education, media, and technologies. You won’t have to worry for karma.
  • Simple and complex websites, digital products, applications, and interfaces. From smaller projects up to 500+ screen behemoths, projects on Readymag and Webflow.
  • No two tasks are alike, you won't get bored. If you’re tired of grinding over the same buttons for months you’re welcome here.
  • Involvement in the workflow from the very first meetings with clients to planning, design and supervision with development. Full immersion in the relevant context without any blind spots.
  • We don't take up tasks that were supposed to be delivered yesterday, however, sometimes we launch projects within a couple of months just to stay fit. Mostly, we’re into thoughtful tempo di waltzer — no drags or nonsense.
  • The team will always be there for you, but you have a mind of your own.
  • Our employees join us a for a long time journey.


  • Our ideal candidate: Solid mid-level or soon-to-be senior designer. A person with an engineer’s mind and advanced soft skills, who understands modern aesthetics, works well in a team but is not afraid of performing autonomously.
  • We’re looking for a moderate geek who understands that a decent result is better than a endless journey towards a perfect one.
  • You work with Figma, deliver animation of medium complexity (protopie, AE), understand the basics of coding in order to be on the same page with developers. You’re competent in English at Upper Intermediate level or above.
  • You understand how typography works on the web and have disposition to both modern psychedelia and time-proven classics.
  • Apart from spacing in layout grids and off the grids, you’re able to bring a moderate level of badassery to your work and have a variety of representational tools up your sleeve.
  • You act and think without unnecessary poking. We aren’t one those who turn on the heat, but we definitely don’t feel like working with deadbeats.
  • You love people no matter what and you’re not a buzzkill.
  • Intelligence, honor, and conscience are your natural traits.

We offer:

  • International clients and interesting projects.
  • Remote work with flexible hours. The team is extremely far-flung — Israel, Georgia, Turkey, Portugal. Not everyone passes the freedom test, though.
  • Experience and knowledge of the whole team. Free trainings and courses, guest lecturers.
  • Fair pay in various currencies.

Hiring process:

  • Send your portfolio with ‘Designer SLWN2023’ in the subject line. Following your email:
  • We will go through your works, and if it’s a match, we’ll get back to you and set up a Zoom call.
  • After the call, we’ll ask you to make a self presentation to figure out your way of thinking and validate your skills.
  • We’ll get in touch with you and introduce you to the team, after which you get and offer and the onboarding process is launched.


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