Senior DevOps Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure (with Russian, in Cyprus)

В архиве c 18 июня 2023
Гибрид Удаленно
от 5 500 $


  • You will be responsible for supporting for services and products of the team:
  • Development of team services and products;
  • Research in infrastructure and processes;
  • Identify and improve weaknesses in infrastructure and processes.
  • You will be working closely with the developers and QA of the entire company Infrastructure, ops and security team, IT service desk, support, and representatives of external services.
  • Technical and career development is endless (from Tech Lead to Architect/CTO).
  • Tech stack:
  • Clouds: AWS, GCP, OpenStack;
  • CI/CD: Kubernetes, Docker, GitLab, Jenkins.
  • Scripting: Bash, Python;
  • Orchestration: Ansible, Terraform;
  • OS: Linux.
  • First 3 tasks in the Role:
  • Get all access and complete the boot camp;
  • Any task on Terraform;
  • Some tasks to work with the Sandbox.
  • Other tasks:
  • Development of infrastructure for SaaS and QCEX;
  • Development of infrastructure for PaaS;
  • Team bus factor improvement;
  • Reduction TTM by improving the QA infrastructure and CI/CD processes;
  • Improve user experience and licensing issues through the use of clouds in the company;
  • Note: The tasks will depend on the employee's arrival time and the team's current tasks. We do not form a separate backlog for a trial period. The employee works with the team's common backlog.


  • Production experience with cloud services (AWS, GCP, Alibaba, Azure);
  • Excellent knowledge of Terraform;
  • Experience and love for CI/CD processes;
  • Experience with either GitLab CI or Jenkins;
  • Experienced Linux user (minimum);
  • Experience in any of the IAC systems for servers (Ansible, Chef, Salt);
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Experience with Bash and any scripting language;
  • English B1+ (reading docs and googling, and talking with vendors as a plus);
  • Russian B2+.


  • The vacancy is open to candidates who are already based in Cyprus or ready to move there after a trial period.
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