Junior Level Designer, Dune (Portugal)

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About us:

  • Funcom — скандинавский разработчик и издатель видеоигр, в котором работает более 400 человек из 37 разных стран

About the Role:

  • As our Junior Level Designer, you will be designing interior and exterior gameplay spaces, game pacing, visual composition of scenes, and event scripting
  • You will work with the design and narrative teams to ensure that the world's content is accurate to the Dune IP while delivering a satisfying game experience
  • You will be challenged to create levels that support the core fantasies of Dune


  • Create quality goals, workflows, and guides for all interior and exterior levels
  • Collaborate and build relationships with designers, writers, and partners
  • Plan and direct levels together with the content design team
  • Improve all mechanics used to create content, such as game pacing, difficulty curves, game flow, player progression, narrative aspects, etc.


  • 1 year of experience in the game industry working in a level design capacity
  • Experience with the Unreal Engine
  • An understanding of design processes including game design, level design, and content design
  • A positive attitude towards taking direction and constructive criticism
  • Self-motivation to collaborate and drive change in a studio environment
  • Ability to think critically while resolving complex issues
  • In addition, the perfect candidate has:
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience working in survival games
  • Enjoys playing survival genre games
  • Familiarity with Dune and the Dune IP
  • We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis and recommend candidates to apply as soon as possible!
  • Please apply in English
  • To directly respond to a job through Linkedin, you need a VPN


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