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3D Animator, Motion Capture (Cyprus, Remote)

Кипр, Кипр Гибрид Удаленно
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  • Creating motion capture-based animations for cutscenes and dialogues based on the scene director's requirements;
  • Preparing scenes for cutscene creation in Maya;
  • Working on facial animations;
  • Interacting with your lead supervisor, the art director, and the game design and technical art departments.


  • A minimum of 3+ years of experience in animation in Maya;
  • Experience working on both keyframe animation and mocap in a realistic style or one close to realistic;
  • Pluses:
  • Experience with facial animation;
  • Experience working on video games and cutscenes;
  • Experience working in Unreal Engine;
  • Art degree.


  • Comfortable offices (if you want to work from office) fitted with areas for recreation and games, coffee points, and snacks;
  • Convenient work schedule: adjust work time to your preferences and/or work remotely;
  • Strong internal community: we are passionate about what we do. Outside of work, we engage in activities together like playing tabletop games in the office or on Roll20;
  • Environment for personal growth: work together with the best professionals and enjoy the benefits of our developed mentoring system and training courses;
  • Competitive salary based on the interview, opportunities for career growth.


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