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Product Designer (Cyprus)

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About the team

  • Wrike product design team consists of 20+ full-stack product designers, 4 UX researchers, 2 UX writers, a Design Technologist, a Design System Architect, a UX Architect, 3 Managers, and a Head of Product Design. The team is distributed among different locations in Europe with the main hub located in Prague.
  • All these professionals are inspired by each other, the broader organisation and by our customers. Everyone is expected to lead UX in their product area and partner with their PMs and Engineering leaders.


  • Leading product design strategy by evaluating and identifying the intersection of business needs, customer needs, and technical opportunities.
  • Actively designing and building products by working closely with designers, product managers, and engineers.
  • Constructing compelling artifacts (wireframes, conceptual diagrams, task flows, storyboards, etc.) that outline present conditions and proposed solutions to gain strategic alignment and encourage innovation within and across the organisation.
  • Meeting with customers and development partners to validate designs and make iterative improvements.
  • Participating in the continuous improvement of customer experience tools and processes, and scalable product design standards.
  • Assisting in customer research activities during the planning, strategy development, and early design of solutions.
  • Collaborating with development teams and business leaders to drive successful implementation of phenomenal experiences in our software and services.
  • Participating in design-thinking exercises to break through organisational silos and collaboratively seek sophisticated design challenges.


  • You will achieve your best if you have:
  • Significant professional design experience and proven knowledge of human-centered design standard methodologies.
  • Ability to visualize and prototype intended solutions at various levels of fidelity, from high-level wireframes or mock-ups to conceptual presentations to highly technical documents and diagrams.
  • Strong interest in Analytics.
  • You will stand out with:
  • Ability to present designs to a wide range of audiences, including software development, quality assurance, learning content development, marketing, and sales.
  • Proven track record of helping cross-functional teams to work better together to deliver on customer outcomes.
  • Ability to think outside of the box and generate ideas rapidly.
  • Expertise to draw conclusions from the dataset.
  • Ability to identify cracks in a complex system, suggest and design improvements, including new features.
  • Competency to clearly and concisely articulate design decisions.
  • A habit to proactively seek working design solutions in other products, inspire and adopt the best.
  • Familiarity with customer research methods.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the capability to distill complex ideas to their essence.
  • Experience with agile software design methods.
  • Experience with Analytics.
  • Software development background.
  • Visual or graphic design background.

We offer

  • Health insurance for you and your family.
  • SIMcard with unlimited internet access for employees (provided during your employment).
  • 21 paid vacation days.
  • 5 uncertified sick days per year.
  • Two fully paid weeks of sick leave.
  • School allowance of up to €600 per month (for children at pre-school and school age).
  • Support with the Annual Tax reconciliation (only applicable for the year of relocation).
  • Up to 18 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave.
  • 2 weeks of fully paid paternity leave. Enhanced four weeks of fully paid paternity leave.
  • will be available for employees after 6 months of continuous service.
  • What’s next:
  • Interview with a Recruiter.
  • Case studies submission.
  • Technical interview.
  • Cultural interview.


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